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Acupressure Points for Relieving Labor Pain.

Working on these points can help you get better quicker. You do not have to use all of these points. Using just one or two of them whenever you have a free hand can be effective.

Points (A) -- Shoulder Well
Caution: Do not apply harsh or sudden pressure on this point. Instead, gradually apply pressure on pregnant women.
Location: On the top of the shoulder, directly on the muscle, one to two inches out from the side of the lower neck.
Benefits: Assists childbirth and relieves pain, nervousness, irritability, fatigue, shoulder tension, poor circulation, cold hands and feet.

Points (B) -- Sacral Points
Location: The acupressure points are on the sacrum (at the base of the spine directly above the tall bone)
Benefits: help relieve menstrual cramps and lower-back pain. Two minutes of steady, firm pressure on these sacral points - by lying down on your back with your hands, one on top of the other, under the base of the spine helps relax the uterus and relieve menstrual cramps.

Points (C) -- Joining the Valley
Location: In the webbing between the thumb and index finger at the highest spot of the muscle when the thumb and index finger are brought close together. Benefits: Relieves labor pain, constipation, headaches, toothaches, shoulder pain, and arthritis.

Points (D) -- Reaching Inside
Location: On the outside of the little toe, at the base of the toenail. Benefits: Used for difficult labor, mal-position of the fetus, nasal obstruction, and itchy skin.

Points (E) -- Bigger Stream
Caution: Do not stimulate this point strongly after the third month of pregnancy.
Location: Midway between the inner protrusions of the anklebone and the Achilles tendon in the back of the ankle. Benefits: Relieves labor pain, swollen feet, fatigue, ankle pain, and back pain.


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